I find Jamie to be a very enjoyable teacher to be around. Passionate, focused and dedicated to bringing the best out of every session. I enjoy learning the movements of Qi Gung and want to keep on expanding. I highly recommend Jamie to others.
— Jamie Ramasawmy

Jamie’s Qi gong classes gave me a space to reconnect with my body reconnect with my mind and my breathing. Jamie’s classes give me the tools to better navigate the world and his overall sense of peace gives me confidence to be comfortable in his presence. I feel as though I walk away with something new after every class.
— Lucien Bishop

Every time I walk away feeling mentally stronger, more present and leave with more gratitude towards my mind and my body. Qi gong has allowed me to honour things I am trying to change and has also taught me to remember that everything is energy, which has resulted in me leading a more peaceful life as I am able to accept and respect more.
— Hayah

Qigong is nothing like I have ever practiced before, it is completely unique. I can honestly say it has changed my life and the way I approach and think about things. Jamie is an incredible teacher, great at helping you visualise your energy making it accessible for anyone and everyone! Qigong is a great way to destress and bring focus back to yourself, helping you achieve things you may not have thought possible.
— Rebecca Pankhurst

I have attended quite a few qigong classes and honestly can not be any happier. Took my auntie once as well and she loved it. I also attended the amazing event run by him at Trafalgar square and that event changed my life. Jamie is such a genuine guy, always smiling and high on energy.
— Lasma Liepina