28 Day Meditation Programme.

It’s time to go inside, assess what’s going on, what’s serving you and what’s not. With this Virgo moon there’s no better time to meditate and realise what to let go of. Going from summer to fall, learning what needs to be done. To improve your clarity, precision, balance, mental health and energy. 

This free programme is designed to give you a foundation, then an improvement week by week with some great tips and testers along the way. 

NOTES (before you start)

-No music needed, do nothing meditation requires as little to distract you.

-Download the app - insight timer, to time your sessions and the gong will go off so you don’t have to worry about checking time. Or just use any timer you like :)

-No need for floor sitting, you can sit on a chair or up against a wall if needed!

-Mornings are best, can be done in the evenings too. 

Below, you can see the title of the meditation with a *. Read these to understand what you’ll be doing and progressing with.


True meditation is doing nothing, if you are trying to do something you aren’t meditating. To meditate is the art of doing nothing. Let your thoughts come - and as easy as they come, let them go. If you find yourself thinking about something, don’t judge yourself, in that moment it isn’t real, let the thought go and return to empty mind. Repeat this process.


Breathe deeply, quickly in and out through your mouth. 30 deep breaths, then on the last breathe out - hold your breathe out. For as long as possible, until your body is telling you need to breathe, but fight that urge a bit, let your belly jolt a couple of times, trust you have enough oxygen in your lungs. You can hold it for longer than you think! Deep sea divers use this technique. Remain calm and tell yourself you can do it for a few more moments. 


Breathing into your stomach in and out through your nose only. The belly should push out and in, not breathing vertically (shoulders and chest inflating), breathing horizontally - belly getting bigger and smaller only. To adjust to it, imagine a balloon in your belly expanding on the inhale and deflating on the exhale. During belly breathing focus on what may seem to be “shallow breathes”, smaller inhales and exhales. This breathe requires less effort, is highly effective for getting into a state of relaxation. 

Week 1

The foundation. Duration wise it is light, designed to give us a chance to sit, get used to the process and realise what thoughts are happening for a bit and build from just 5 minutes. ONLY 5!! That’s the challenge for the first week, can you sit and let your thoughts come and go without judgement or allowing yourself to think too much about them for 5 minutes. Letting go and returning to empty as much as possible. 

Day 1 - Take a deep breathe in through your nose, fill your body up with positivity. Deep breathe out through your mouth (a big sigh) breathing out releasing negativity. Followed by 5 minutes *Do Nothing Meditation

Day 2 - REPEAT

Day 3 - REPEAT 

Day 4 - REPEAT

Day 5 - *WIM HOF METHOD (time your hold)

Day 6 - *WIM HOF METHOD (time your hold)

Day 7 - REPEAT DAT 1

Week 2 

Step up. After your foundation has been set, you are ready to push into a longer duration of meditation. You are ready to meditate for longer!

Day 8 - Take a deep breathe in through your nose, fill your body up with positivity. Deep breathe out through your mouth (a big sigh) breathing out releasing negativity. Followed by 10 minutes *Do Nothing Meditation.

Day 9 - REPEAT

Day 10 - REPEAT

Day 11 - *WIM HOF (time your hold)

Day 12 - *WIM HOF (time your hold)

Day 13 - REPEAT DAY 8

Day 14 - REPEAT DAY 8

Week 3

Breathe technique change. This week is the next step up to longer duration meditation using belly breathing for a period before entering do nothing. 

Day 15 - *BELLY BREATHING (for around 2 minutes and flow into 10 minutes *Do Nothing Meditation

Day 16 - REPEAT 

Day 17 - REPEAT 

Day 18 - ADD 5 MINS (15 mins Do Nothing)

Day 19 - REPEAT 

Day 20 - REPEAT

Day 21 - REPEAT

Week 4

Buddha. By now you have hopefully made some real progress and possibly taken flight. This week is your final week, the challenge has ramped up again and you are ready. Harnessing your foundation, the step up and the breathe technique you are into Buddha week. We start with shallow *belly breathing and into 20 minutes of *Do Nothing. As the week unfolds, staying at 20 minutes every day is great and you have the option of adding 5 more minutes every day!

Day 22 - *BELLY BREATHING (for around 2 minutes and flow into 20 minutes *Do Nothing Meditation

Day 23 - REPEAT 

Day 24 - REPEAT 

Day 25 - ADD 5 MINS (25 mins Do Nothing)

Day 26 - REPEAT (option 30 mins Do Nothing) 

Day 27 - REPEAT (option 35 mins Do Nothing)

Day 28 - REPEAT (option 40 mins Do Nothing)

By now you are in a great place of understanding yourself, what is going on in your world, how to let go and what’s serving you. Maybe you’ve become enlightened who knows! Either way I hope you got something great out of this and it’s built your foundation for your strong, intelligent, beautiful and relaxed temple. 

Any questions about anything above please message me and I’m happy to explain further. 

Thank you & HAO LA!